Animals + Knitting = AWESOME.

You are looking at (over there <---) the new Fundraising Director for American Animal Rescue Society! We are a small registered 501(c)3 non for profit, foster run animal rescue based in the Chicagoland area.   We have in foster old dogs, dogs with 3 legs, cats with missing eyes.  We take in the most unadoptable animals from all over the country - because we do not believe that these animals deserve any less happiness than the cute, young animals.  My goal is to get this rescue out of debt and start a savings fund for a physical shelter so we have the space to help even more animals find homes.  I just know we can do it!

So to start, I turned to my other passion and remained in my comfort zone - knitting and spinning.  I've managed to secure a few fantastic (seriously - FANTASTIC) donations from knitting/spinning related businesses and plan to raffle them off here on my blog!  100% of the proceeds will go to AARS.

So keep an eye out ... as soon as some of the items start rolling in, I'll begin raffling them off.  I promise you will not be disappointed... and tell your friends - they'll be so upset if you don't fill them in!  And of course, you'll all sleep happy knowing that you've helped save the life of an animal that otherwise would be put down.

And this sweet sleeping girl?  This is Katy - a 14 year old chow Nick and I are fostering.  She was found abandoned in a foreclosed home in downstate Illinois with 3 other dogs and 15 cats.  Once the owners were notified with how much trouble they were going to be in with Animal Control, they threatened to shoot the animals thinking it would lessen their penalty.  Katy was riddled in fleas, bacteria and parasites.  She is now free from all of those icky things, and has had her bloodwork done to confirm she is healthy! Katy is now adjusting to the good life comfortably while waiting for her forever home!  She may be a mature lady, but she is still happy and spunky and would make an excellent companion for anyone not wanting to deal with the hyper energy of a young pup!

Her vet bills are through the roof - but every penny was worth it to see this dog comfortable and happy.  The difference in Katy from the first day she came to us and now is inspiring.  If you can help sponsor Katy - anything, even a dollar or change! - would be a tremendous help for the rescue.  You can make a donation to the rescue at www.AARSociety.org or to the vet directly;
Naperville Animal Hospital
(630) 355-5300
Client ID#58111

Ok - so after all that, you want a teaser on what might be raffled off?
Here are some (cheesy) clues...

- something gorgeous (but animal and eco friendly!) to tote your yarn around town in
- some silky smooth yarn that shines beautiful, especially in the sun
- a spinning tool that is worth it's weight in gold!


  1. Thank you Karin for all your hard work supporting these precious kid/pets! Count me in!

  2. If you need some more yarn to raffle, let me know. Some of it might have dog hair in it.
    -Risa (RisaB223)